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118: Eric Coffie – My crypto journey and what the government is trying to do with crypto wallets

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With all the buzz circling the universe around crypto NFT’s Web3 and Defi I thought it fitting that we make a video detailing my ventures into the crypto space.

It was not long ago 2017 that I was hearing the buzz about bitcoin. A new type of currency being traded amongst really smart tech people or friends of tech people in this underground type of manner.

Without having any prior knowledge I realized that this was going to be the next big deal and I wanted in.

Today’s podcast highlights some ups and downs of my adventures in the crypto space. But also more importantly what is the government role in this new marketplace. We look at some recent public requests from the government to curtail people hiding money in wallets and finding ways insert themselves into the next internet wave of the future.

Hope you enjoy this next 90 minutes with me on my Crypto journey.

Click here to view the Youtube Video.

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