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10 Things they don’t want you to know about Government Contracts!

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Let me put you up on the game when it comes to government contracts.


There are some things in life that we know to be true; then, there’s also some stuff that your parents or teachers didn’t teach you at home or in school.

These things are how to make money and how to take advantage of the largest economic system in the world.

To give you an idea, the United States (US) is the greatest creator of personal fortunes and wealth in the world, by all accounts. But, you can’t take advantage of its benefits if you don’t know how to make money out of it. 

This is why we have government contracting. But what really is it? To give you more ideas, take a look at these 10 things you probably don’t know about government contracts.


1. These places are the richest.

The largest source of wealth creation in the US has some of the  richest zip codes in the country in terms of household income. These places are mostly behind Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C. and its surrounding area. 

2. This stuff is easy.

In this marketplace, we are basically dealing with different agencies in the government, so all of the forms and documents are standardized. 

The whole system and process is standardized to make dissemination of the information uniform. If they wouldn’t do that, it would be impossible to facilitate millions of contracts yearly.

So, if you want to look on some forms that you may use in government contracting, just look at these standard forms.

3. Anyone can do this. 

You can easily start doing business with the government, no college degree, no federal certifications required.

Consider this, my college friends are not millionaires and my millionaire friends don’t have college degrees. So, better start grinding right now. 

4. You don’t need money to start.

Everything you need to start government contracts is at your disposal. The only thing you need is to  do is start communicating with your target clients and build relationships with them. 

5. They owe this to you.

Chances are, the government probably owes this opportunity to you because their purpose is to basically help the people and recycle the money. 

This is why, small business programs are created to try to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate. Now, it’s your time to claim your stake of this trillion dollar behemoth!

6. No agency is meeting all the requirements.

The government is ensuring that they are providing opportunities for small businesses, but according to our research and data from sources across the web, they are not entirely hitting their goals.

To give you an idea, each government agency has their scorecards in which they check the boxes if they have provided contracts to different small businesses. 

However, because some small businesses are within two or more programs, that agency will be able to check more of their boxes, which is essentially against what their goal is. 

And because of this, large companies have continuously been taking small business contracts for many years and continue to do so, if there will be not enough small businesses to participate.

7. They are not bidding at the highest levels.

With nearly 50% of all contracts going to 1 or no bidders; large primes are using specific contract vehicles like GWAC, STARS II, MATOC, and SATOC to avoid bidding open market. 

You can get into these vehicles too, you can just learn the techniques and you can do the same.

8. The government prints money.

The government spends money every year just to make sure that government projects and contracts are fulfilled. In fact, Obama spent $8 trillion during his term and Trump may have spent more than that. 

The money is going somewhere, so why not let it flow down to your coffers?

9. Grants are good, contracts are great.

People want grants, but these are only good for one time and don’t create a recurring revenue stream. 

Contracts, on the other hand, can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years with $100M cap. Besides, more than 4,000,000 contracts are made each year.

10. Huge companies participate in this game.

Fortune 500 companies are also doing business with the government. Why? Because government contracting is lucrative and these companies realize the consistency and stability of a recurring revenue stream.


Now, of all these things we tell you, don’t you want to be part of this marketplace? Remember, this market is wide open for hungry businesses looking to capitalize!

So, if you are like this and want to capitalize what you have, then we have a handful of resources to help you. Just click the resources below. 

You can also visit the GovCon Giant website or the new GovCon Edu where you learn everything about government contracting!

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