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093: Sarah Dunn- Employee Benefits & Insurance Specialist with The Capital Group/GovTech Insurance, Founder of Women in GovCon

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Sarah Dunn started her career in the insurance industry by chance. She complimented a woman’s shoes at a recruiting expo which led to her landing a spot in the highly competitive and prestigious Aetna Healthcare’s Group School reserved for the top 1% of applicants after graduating early from college. After graduating as one of the top recruits from the Aetna Group School program, it landed her in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia insurance market as a national Aetna consultant for insurance brokers who catered to small and middle market companies, many of which were government contractors. She surprised Aetna management by singlehandedly revitalizing the sales of Aetna health insurance plans by the broker consultants she was assigned to.

Sarah’s professionalism, quick wit and her ability to soak in knowledge of the insurance industry and specifically the GovCon industry did not go unnoticed. If fact, within two years of her starting her position at Aetna, she had over 10 job offers to join brokerage companies in the D.C. marketplace alone, many of which were prestigious and highly selective as to whom they brought on board. After much consideration she joined The Capital Group, which is the premier GovCon- specialized insurance brokerage company. The Capital Group has over 800 GovCon clients and offers employee benefits, 401K consulting, compliance, technology, dedicated service team, in-house attorney access to scrub and review contracts at no cost to clients, commercial insurance. The Capital Groups also owns and operates an exclusive captive commercial insurance company for small and mid-size GovCon IT service providers called GovTech.  GovTech offers up to 40% off commercial insurance policies which no other brokerage firm has access to offer. Thus, Sarah now had the backing of a diverse team of experts to dive further into the GovCon rabbit hole. Going further to help small businesses specifically, Sarah has created a simplified checklist of all appropriate lines of insurance and benefits benchmarked by company size and industry. She offers free consultations to ensure each group is fitted with the right care which is a big deal as insurance and employee benefits is the #2 largest expense for most companies.

Sarah’s passion to help small and mid-size government contractors is now going above and beyond her ability to expertly and uniquely help with their employee benefits and insurance needs. She also now has founded and personally runs a unique and very needed organization in the GovCon industry. It is a group for GovCon Women C-Suite executives simply called Women in GovCon. Women in GovCon is a group of GovCon owners and C-level executives getting together at exclusive events for the purpose of winning more contracts, providing mentorship opportunities and growth strategies. Sarah has partnered with Ferrari of Washington for example, to bring members out on test drives followed by a catered lunch at The Salamander Resort. There are currently 70 members in Women in GovCon and growing. Many members in this group are primes looking for qualified subcontractors which Sarah is happy to speak to small businesses interested in getting involved.

Speaking of, to schedule a meeting with Sarah please reach her via email at: or via cell phone (203)751-0158.

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GovTech Insurance website. A reminder that GovTech Insurance is the only insurance company specializing in insuring government contractors and can save GovCon IT companies up to 40% off their commercial insurance policy :

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