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045: Regis Johnson, expands his mindset and increases his opportunities overnight

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Today we are discussing mindset.

In previous editions of the show we feature all of these wonderful people who have built, started, or grown their small businesses into amazing outfits. Well today’s guest is a little bit different.

Today we want to feature someone who is probably is a lot like many of our listeners out there listening shy, timid, afraid, fearful and basically “brain wrestling” every decision action. You might likely be your worst enemy. Not the person you are trying to sell, not the agency you want to do business with, not the bank that wants to lend you money. Often time the cure to success is fighting through the analysis paralysis. And today’s guest is a perfect example of that. The story starts off with him coming to Miami event with a negative attitude and false sense of reality. I quickly dismissed his perceived reality as nonsense and set him on a new path that changed his life.

Listen in to the story or Regis Johnson a Govcon student who change his mindset and is now on his way to building his dream business

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